Online Room Booking System

Online Booking for your Accommodation

The Online Booking System will allow your customers to check room availability at your accommodation in realtime, removing the need for the customer to email you to check availability.  Customers can check availability olnline for individual rooms or check availability across all rooms at your accommodation.

  • No Booking Fees
  • No Commission

Reserve Rooms Online

Your customers will be able to check availability and then make online reservations directly through your existing website.  Rooms can be booked online using a 'book online' button which will be generated for each room at your accommodation. It will also be possible to check availability at your accommodation and reserve online from other websites - the 'Book Online' buttons can be placed on as many websites as you choose, and each button links directly to the Online Booking System.

Manage Online Bookings for Your Accommodation

The Online Booking System allows you to manage your online bookings with our online management application.

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Check Availability / Book Online
Customer View: Check Availability / Book Online
Manage Bookings Online
Your View: Manage Bookings Online

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